Why Do My Teeth Hurt? How to Stop It!

February 27, 2013 Tooth DecayToothache Remedies

With more than 90% of the population in our country suffering from tooth decay and cavities, it is no wonder why so many people ask themselves, “Why do my teeth hurt?”  There are a lot of reasons why teeth can hurt, but three of the most common reasons are because of tooth infections, called cavities, cracks that people have in their teeth, or simply having very weak tooth enamel.

Cavities Cause Tooth Pain

why do my teeth hurtIf your teeth are hurting because of cavities, rest assured that I know exactly what you’re going through. A year ago, I had four cavities, and every time I ate something sweet, I felt sharp pains on the right side of my mouth. One way that I avoided this, was by not eating sugar. But let’s be realistic, shall we? We just can’t live completely sugar-free. It would mean no birthday parties, and no ice cream. This is no way to live your life.

I was so excited when I first learned how to cure cavities naturally . I was able to get rid of my cavities without going to the dentist. There are 4-5 things that I did to make this happen. I’ll tell you about them later in this article.

Cracks In The Teeth Cause Tooth Pain

The second reason people ask, “Why do my teeth hurt?” is related to having cracks in their teeth. This exact thing happened to my wife. When she went to the dentist, she got a very lousy tooth filling. Later on, when she was eating popcorn, her tooth simply cracked. This caused her pain. We are currently saving of the money to be able to have her tooth fixed. If it is only a small fracture, you get a crown to help hold it in place. If it is a large crack, and there is already signs of decay, you may need to get that tooth pulled.

Weak Enamel Causes Tooth Pain

The third reason why your teeth can hurt is because you have weak tooth enamel. The truth is, most people suffer from weak tooth enamel. If you are sensitive to hot and cold, it is because the hot and cold are penetrating straight through your enamel down to your dentin layer. Since your dentin is alive, it is made up of a lot of nerves, and it is far more sensitive to hot and cold sensations.

Your enamel is made up of calcium, phosphate ions and a hydroxide group. When you eat too much sugar, this sugar is converted into an acid which demineralizes is your tooth enamel. Deminieralization is the process where these acids pull out calcium and phosphate minerals from the teeth. This in turn, weakens tooth enamel. To have strong enamel, you need to do two things. First, cut back on sugar, or at least on the amount of time that your mouth stays acidic after you ingest sugars. You can do this by rinsing out your mouth after you eat, or chewing on some sugar-free gum. (Xylitol gum is the best for this).

Nutrition’s Role in Building Strong and Healthy Enamel

The best way to build strong tooth enamel is by having the right type of nutrition. Foods that are high in natural sources of calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin A, will help you to have strong enamel, and strong teeth that are highly resistant to tooth decay.

how to cure a tooth acheTo further reinforce the effects of nutrition on teeth, I also use a Miswak stick. Miswak sticks are also known as “natural toothbrush”. You use it by chewing on it and also by brushing it all over your teeth for a deep cleaning. Everytime I chew on a Miswak, it helps me to get rid of toothaches caused by cavities. In fact, my teeth feel rather strong and healthy after using Miswak. One great place to find these Miswak sticks is on the site, http://miswaksticks.com .

So in recap, if your teeth are cracked, or chipped, consider getting a crown or especially if the pain gets unbearable. If you have weak enamel, consider changing your diet so that your mouth is less acidic. Nutrition helps in remineralizing your teeth to strengthen your tooth enamel. If you have a cavity, chewing on a Miswak stick will often get rid of the infection. Once you get rid of infection, your teeth are ready for remineralization. You can achieve this by having the right nutrition so that your teeth will be able to heal themselves faster.

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