What Types of Bacteria Cause Cavities and Tooth Decay?

March 26, 2013 MiswakTooth DecayXylitol

how to cure cavitiesThe bacteria in your mouth most often blamed for creating cavities are called Streptococcus Mutans. This bacteria can react very quickly with sugars, to break them down into acids. Over time, acids can demineralize your teeth, and create cavities. Every time you eat candy, or processed sugars, the percentage of harmful bacteria in your mouth increases. Even a lot of  ‘diet’ foods and drinks can be fermented and turn into acids as well. Once an area of your tooth is completely demineralized, it destroys the tooth’s structural integrity and a cavity is formed. These cavities can then become infected by the bacteria which can cause cavities to grow even faster. Tooth infection can cause your teeth a lot of pain.

There are more bacteria living in your mouth, than there are people living on our wonderful planet! Experts estimate that the number of bacteria in your mouth is close to 10 billion. Contrary to what most people believe, these bacteria help your body to digest food. Most of the bacteria in your mouth are symbiotic. You feed them what they need, and they help you have a stronger and better digestive system. Each person has a slightly different composition of bacteria inhabiting their mouth, based on what they eat, and the average temperature of their mouth.

A lot of dentists believe that they’re fighting a battle against bacteria. Every time they drill out an infected portion of your teeth, and replace it with a filling, they believe that they are winning the battle. The truth is that they can never win the battle against bacteria. The best place to fight this battle is with our day-to-day diet. One way to do this is by reducing the amount of sugar we eat and the number of times oer day we eat it. If we do eat sugar, we want to make sure to rinse them out as soon as we can, to help them get rid of the acid right away.

When we eat less sugar, the percentage of Streptococcus Mutans versus other types of bacteria in the mouth is also reduced. A lot of people have found that substituting Xylitol for sugar, decreases the amount of harmful bacteria in our mouths.

How to Stop Bacteria from Causing Cavities And Tooth Decay

how to prevent cavitiesIn order to successfully stop bacteria from demineralizing your teeth, we need to look for ways to remineralize them and make the tooth enamel stronger. Our diet greatly impacts the strength and density of the tooth enamel. In order to have strong enamel, we need to make sure we eat healthy. Try to avoid manufactured foods. A lot of times, these processed foods provide us calories, without a lot of nutrition. If our diet lacks nutrition, our body will hold some of the nutrition that it needs from our bones and from our teeth. This causes the tooth structure to weaken, and also makes us more susceptible to cavities.

Another way on how to prevent cavities and stop bacteria from causing tooth decay is to make sure that we reduce the amount of plaque that is in our mouth. We can reduce the amount of plaque that we have by using a Miswak stick, or even by brushing your teeth. The disadvantage of using a regular toothbrush, is that it can store a lot of cavity causing bacteria. Miswak, on the other hand, is antibacterial, so it is a lot more effective than a regular toothbrush. Another way to help prevent plaque is by using oil. Oil pulling is great because it can get in between your teeth, and under your gums. It helps you to prevent plaque buildup, by getting rid of bacteria in hard reach places. Xylitol, Miswak, and oil pulling are three great methods to cure cavities.

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