What Causes Dental Caries in Children?

March 26, 2013 Tooth Decay

how to prevent cavities1. Sugars, creating an acidic mouth, are the number one cause of dental caries in children. Most children eat too much sugar. Their little bodies also can become addicted to sugar and crave it very strongly. One thing you can do is to give your children much smaller portions. Instead of giving them a whole candy bar, give them a quarter of a candy bar. To a child, that only weighs 45 pounds. A quarter of a candy bar is the equivalent of a 180 pound person eating a whole candy bar anyway. I have five children so I have seen the effects of sugar on teeth. My advice is to wait as long as possible before giving your children candy. There is no nutritional benefit anyway, and if a child never gets any candy, they will not have a craving for it. Without an addiction for sugar, your children will be happier, and have healthier teeth. Of course the example we set for them is also very important.

2. Another thing that causes dental caries in children is plaque. Plaque can help create cavities in two different ways. First of all, plaque contains a lot of bacteria, and leftover food products. It can incubate strains of harmful bacteria that can damage your teeth, if you have an acidic (sugary) diet. The other reason why plaque is harmful is because it prolongs the time sugars are present in the mouth. Normally, our mouth will be acidic for 10 to 15 minutes after we eat sugar. When we have plaque, the acid can cling to our teeth for up to an hour. Unfortunately, a lot of children don’t clean their teeth often enough. Over time, plaque can make it a lot easier for cavities to develop.

3. Malnourishment – So many children in America are getting over fed, and still malnourished. Our USDA guidelines for health and nutrition are a joke. There is so much money behind the food industry, that help the nutrition guidelines to be very easily manipulated. For instance, did you know Frosted Flakes is said to be fortified with 10 essential vitamins and minerals. When you can see past the façade, you will understand you are just eating sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and some highly processed corn. Adults and children alike eat Frosted Flakes and many other brands of cereals. As a result, we are deprived of the nutrients and natural vitamins that our bodies need.

3. Going to bed with sugar – Sending your kids to bed with a bottle containing sugar can be very bad for their teeth. This often leads to a condition called baby bottle tooth decay. This normally affects the top teeth, and can cause them to deteriorate.

4. Fluoride – Did you know that nearly 41% of children and adolescents in our country suffer from overdoses of Fluoride  which cause fluorosis? Fluoride is a toxic poison, that legislators insist should be added to our water. Mild fluorosis causes yellow or brown spots to develop on your teeth and permanently weakens them. Severe fluorosis causes you teeth to decay. After having been exposed to fluoridated water, my youngest child developed fluorosis from the water.

If you think that having fluoride in water is helping, think again. In a study of 100 major cities, Baltimore rated second for having the highest amount of fluoride in the water. It ranked first for having the worst teeth out of all 100 cities! Just a word of advice for parents out there: when your kids are young, do not give them flouride toothpaste!

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