What Causes Cavities in Teeth to Develop?

September 13, 2012 Tooth Decay

what causes cavities in teethIf you ask a dentist what causes cavities in teeth to develop, they will tell you that cavities are caused by plaque and bacteria.

In reality, there is a lot more to it than just plaque and bacteria in your mouth. Cavities are caused by four different factors. The two most influential factors are the pH of your mouth, and whether or not your teeth are fully mineralized.

The problem with modern dentistry’s approach to dealing with cavities is that even though they tell you how to treat plaque and bacteria, they don’t tell you how to prevent mouth acidity. They also don’t tell you that eating healthy helps you to re-mineralize your teeth and keep them strong. Brushing, flossing, mouth rinses, and going to the dentist are only designed to deal with the plaque and bacteria. If you really want to prevent and cure cavities, you need to focus on the two primary causes of cavities in teeth.

Controlling Mouth Acidity

what causes cavitiesThe easiest way to prevent cavities it by controlling the acidity of your mouth. Every time you eat sugar, that sugar is instantly metabolized by bacteria in your mouth. When it is metabolized, it is converted into an acid. This acid immediately begins to pull calcium and phosphate ions out of your teeth. It can demineralize your teeth very quickly. When you lose too many phosphate and calcium ions, it causes your tooth enamel to become weak. When your tooth enamel is weak, a cavity can be created very easily. The easiest way to control acidity is to not eat sugars regularly. If you do eat sugar, make sure to elevate the pH in your mouth right away, either by drinking milk or by chewing Xylitol gum. If you don’t have any other options available, give your mouth a saliva bath to help restore your mouth back to its original pH. Once you are able to return the pH in your mouth back to normal, then your teeth will stop demineralizing.

Re-mineralizing Your Teeth

People who have demineralized teeth are always going to be getting a lot of cavities. People who have teeth that are completely demineralized, will often find themselves going to the dentist and getting 5 or more cavities with every checkup. You don’t have to have weak teeth! It isn’t a genetic disorder if you do. Simply by choosing to eat foods that are high in nutrition, you can re-mineralize your teeth and keep them strong. The best types of foods are those that are high in natural sources of calcium and phosphorus. Bone marrow for instance, can be boiled and turned into a broth. This broth will help you to fully re-mineralize your teeth. Cod liver oil is also very good for strong and healthy teeth. Raw milk is even better for you than the milk that you can buy at the store. This is because raw milk has a lot higher concentration of natural calcium and natural vitamin D. Fat-soluble sources of vitamins A and D will help you to keep your teeth very strong. A lot of times, natural sources of cod liver oil also help strengthen your teeth.

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