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How To Remineralize Your Teeth

April 30, 2013 MiswakTooth Decay

What? Can you repeat that word again? Re-mi-ne-ra-li-za-tion?  What the heck is that?

Not only is the word “remineralization” kinda hard to pronounce and spell, but it is also a fairly uncommon word for many people. Once, I tried to introduce the word to my friends, and they looked at me in this really funny way, mouth hanging open and all, as if I was speaking in a different language. The fact is, not everyone knows about remineralization of teeth, and just how important it is.

Remineralization, if broken into its root form, is from the prefix “re” (to repeat or go back), the root word “mineral” (naturally occurring elements), and the suffix “tion” (denoting a state or process). From these meanings, we can say that remineralization is the process of returning or restoring minerals.

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Remineralize Teeth – Why Remineralizing Teeth is Important?

August 29, 2012 Tooth Decay

Whether we like it or not, our teeth are in a constant state of mineralization and demineralization. When teeth become demineralized by acidic foods or sugars that are converted into an acid, it causes our teeth to demineralize very quickly. If we want to have strong and healthy teeth that are virtually immune to cavities, we need to learn how to remineralize teeth permanently.

Learn About Remineralizing Teeth

Tooth enamel is one of the hardest structures in our body. It is also porous. This means that it can easily be strengthened or weakened. Once your teeth become demineralized, they are far more susceptible to cavities, tooth infections, and tooth decay. The most common way for our teeth to

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