Four Things to Stop Tooth Decay in Children

September 13, 2012 Children and Infants

Tooth decay is bad enough when we get it as adults, but it is much worse for children. Even though children will end up losing their baby teeth, if they lose them prematurely, it can make it so that their new teeth don’t have proper spacing.  Having tooth decay as a child is painful and impact them for the rest of their life.

What Causes Tooth Decay in Children?

The most common causes of tooth decay in children our exposure to sugars and sweets. Giving your baby juice in a bottle just before going to bed tend to make them have an acidic mouth. This may also lead to baby bottle tooth decay.  This will eat at their tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. In addition, little children should not be given skim milk. Skim milk is harder for them to digest, and it has a higher concentration of sugar.

stop tooth decay in childrenAnother cause of tooth decay is premature exposure to fluoride. Children’s teeth are very sensitive to fluoride. I know this from experience. My youngest son had his baby teeth permanently damaged from fluoride toothpaste. If you can, avoid giving your kids fluoride toothpaste until their permanent teeth have come in.

The third cause of tooth decay in children is going to bed with a bottle. If the bottle has bacteria on it, or if it stays in their mouth all night, it might make it easier for bacteria to infect their teeth. Try to take your baby’s bottle out of their mouth after they have fallen asleep. This will help to prevent baby bottle tooth decay.

How to Stop Tooth Decay in Children

1. The first thing you can do to learn how to stop tooth decay in children is to not give them any sweets or candy. Often as parents, we think we are rewarding our children when we give them sweets to eat. Young children who have not had candy in a while, don’t crave it. Candy doesn’t do anything to benefit them nutritionally, and it is really bad for their teeth. Avoid giving your children candy until they are at least three years old. If you don’t ever give them, they won’t crave it either. If you’re going to give your children juice, make sure that you dilute it a bit. Also maybe give them a drink of water or milk after they have finished drinking their juice, to help them rinse off their teeth.

causes of tooth decay in children 2. The next thing you can do to help your children stop and reverse tooth decay is to give them Xylitol gum on a regular basis. (Once they are older than 5.) Xylitol gum does two things. First it immediately neutralizes the pH in their mouth and gets rid of acidity. Second of all, it helps to coat the teeth in saliva, which remineralizes them and makes them stronger. In addition, Xylitol gum can also lower the percentage of harmful tooth decay causing bacteria in your mouth.

3. If your small children are still taking a bottle, make sure they do not sleep with it. Also make sure that they do not sleep with a pacifier. If they do fall asleep, gently remove the bottle or pacifier after they have fallen asleep. This will make it harder for harmful bacteria to develop in their mouth. Before you give them a pacifier, make sure to disinfect it properly.

4. Give your children the proper nutrition. You can make a stock out of bone marrow, and give them raw milk and fresh farm eggs. This will help them to have the building blocks they need to have teeth that are healthy and which won’t fall out prematurely.

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