Remineralize Teeth – Why Remineralizing Teeth is Important?

August 29, 2012 Tooth Decay

Whether we like it or not, our teeth are in a constant state of mineralization and demineralization. When teeth become demineralized by acidic foods or sugars that are converted into an acid, it causes our teeth to demineralize very quickly. If we want to have strong and healthy teeth that are virtually immune to cavities, we need to learn how to remineralize teeth permanently.

Learn About Remineralizing Teeth

how to remineralize teethTooth enamel is one of the hardest structures in our body. It is also porous. This means that it can easily be strengthened or weakened. Once your teeth become demineralized, they are far more susceptible to cavities, tooth infections, and tooth decay. The most common way for our teeth to decalcify is from prolonged exposure to sugars. These sugars are converted to acids almost immediately by the bacteria in our mouth. If the pH of are mouth falls below 5.5, then it starts to pull phosphate and calcium ions out of our teeth. This is also known as acid erosion. If you have sensitive teeth, there is a good chance that your enamel has been demineralized. When this occurs, your teeth become even more porous. These type of teeth are more sensitive to hot and cold, as well as becoming infected.

How Can You Remineralize Teeth?

how to remineralize teethOne way of remineralizing teeth is to be healthy. Healthy foods go a long way to developing a good bone structure. Try to avoid unhealthy foods that will weaken it. Foods that are high in calcium and phosphorus will also help to remineralize your teeth. Foods that are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin D, will allow your teeth to heal themselves naturally. The best type of food you can eat is going to be raw foods. This includes raw milk and butter. It also includes grass fed beef and farm fresh eggs. Growing a small garden is also a great way to eat foods with a higher nutritional value. Unfortunately, modern agriculture focuses on producing a large quantity of food, often by sacrificing the quality or nutritional value that these foods contain.

Blood and Saliva Are Important for Remineralization

Remineralization can occur from both the blood and saliva. Saliva can remineralize your tooth enamel externally, and blood can remineralize it internally. If you really want to get the blood and saliva flowing to your teeth, try using an old-fashioned chewing stick. The Babylonians had good teeth, because they used to chew on a root of an Arak tree, also called a toothbrush tree. Today it is known as a Miswak stick. It is pretty amazing, because it provides your teeth with a great external source of calcium. It also helps give your mouth an alkali pH that favors remineralization. An added bonus of chewing on a Miswak stick is that it encourages blood to flow through your teeth, which also helps to remineralize them.

A Miswak stick also contains antibacterial properties which help to kill the bacteria that cause cavities to grow. By getting rid of cavity causing bacteria, and helping remineralize your teeth, you can reverse and heal cavities naturally.

Start to Remineralize Your Teeth Today!

There is no better time to remineralize teeth than the present. If you can keep your teeth fully mineralized, you can prevent cavities from occurring. Just being aware of what you eat, and keeping acids from  demineralizing your teeth for long periods of time, will do a lot to help. Additionally, being aware of the right nutrition your body needs in order to have healthy bones and teeth, will give you the tools your body needs to repair itself. If you can create strong enamel, you can prevent cavities from forming, and you will be able to live a life that is cavity free.

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