Are Children Overfed and Malnourished?

September 25, 2012 Children and Infants

how to prevent cavities in childrenIn America, most children are overfed and malnourished. How is this possible? When people get enough to eat, we often assume that they also get plenty of nutrients. However, this is not the case!

Weak bone structure and poor dental hygiene are one of the signs of malnutrition.  In today’s society many children are malnourished, not because of the lack of food, but because of the overabundance of unhealthy eating choices!

You only get a certain number of calories every day that you need to eat. If you eat nutrient dense foods, you get a lot of health benefits. If you eat processed foods,  processed sugars and ‘quick fix’ meals, you get virtually zero nutritional benefits. Thus, it is possible to eat plenty, and still be starving nutritionally. Nearly 2/3 of Americans are overweight, but at the same time most of these people are starving, not from food, but from nutrition. The way that our body responds is it pulls nutrition out of other areas such as our bones and our muscle tissue. Our bodies adapt and we learn to live on less.

In my family, there are six kids. The first four kids got plenty of nutrition. They ate a lot healthier, because they did not grow up in the United States and did not live off of processed foods and sugars. The last two kids, spent their developmental years in the US. They ate a lot of processed foods but didn’t get as much nutrition. Not surprisingly, the two youngest kids in my family are the only kids that needed braces. They didn’t have the nutrition they needed for a healthy bone structure.

My mom also got braces when she was a kid. After her father died, her mother worked full time. They grew up eating processed foods and quick fix meals. She grew up on Wonder Bread. These foods do not have very much nutrition in them at all. Even though her mother thought she was doing what was best, she was actually starving her children on nutrition.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, Wonder Bread advertised in their commercials that smart, health-conscientious people, like the ‘school cafeteria lady’ would buy kids Wonder Bread. They told people that it would make kids strong and healthy. The bottom line is, we have been lied to for more than 60 years! This continues today. Unscrupulous marketers will say just about anything to get people to buy their lousy products. As a consumer, you have the responsibility to inform yourself, and make the best decision for your family. Highly processed foods are always going to be nutritionally poor, compared to healthy, traditional foods.

If you don’t want your kids to wear braces, consider feeding them a nutritious diet, especially for the first 12 years of their life. My daughter frequently tells me that she is the strongest kid in her class (boys included.) It is not hard to be the strongest, when most of the students her age suffer from malnutrition and don’t even know it!

Today more than ever, people are relying on fast processed foods rather than on foods that are good for their bodies. In America, will we sacrifice quality for quantity. Too often, the focus is on getting the best return on an investment. Food manufacturers focus on producing a higher quantity of food for a lower cost, but they never focus on providing more nutritional value to their consumer.

Why do Children Get Braces?

cure tooth disease in childrenHave you ever wondered why so many children have to get braces on their teeth? Is it because their genetics are lousy? I believe genetics have very little to do with it. Most children who get braces are malnourished. They don’t get the nutrients that their bodies need to develop a strong jaw line and a healthy bone structure. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can fix by giving people more money. Both rich and poor children in America suffer from being malnourishment. Nothing is ever going to change unless people realize that they are malnourished and want to chage. One thing is certain, the companies that are marketing to them, aren’t going to tell them the truth.

Most Marketing Companies Are Liars

In the last decade or so, Americans have really come down hard on cigarette companies for mis-labeling their products and lying to Americans for decades. More money is being taxed away from the companies to pay for anti-smoking advertising than smoking companies are spending to advertise their product. As a result, the amount of people who smoke in our country has declined dramatically.

cure tooth decay in childrenUnfortunately, we do not treat cold cereal companies and companies that sell manufactured foods with the same contempt. Rather, as Americans we embrace cereal companies. We believe everything they tell us about how their cereal has 10 essential vitamins and minerals. Most Americans believe their kids are eating something healthy when they feed their kids cereal for breakfast, even if this cereal happens to contain a lot of sugar. Maybe they believe because it is ‘fortified with vitamins and minerals” this offsets the damage done by the sugar.   When companies tell us cereal is healthy, we believe them. But common sense tells you that eating lots of processed ‘whole grains’ and sugar for breakfast every day, isn’t going to give you healthy teeth or healthy bone structure.

Parents who are in a hurry, see cereal as a good way to feed their kids a healthier nutritious breakfast. We might as well open up a package of cookies and give them to our kids for all the good that it does them. Even ice cream for breakfast would be more healthy than a lot of cereals! Most cereals contain way too much sugar. 48 major cereals contain more sugar per serving than chips ahoy cookies!

We Don’t Understand the Return We Are Actually Getting

Even though the food might be genetically enhanced to look nicer and more delicious, it is actually less nutritious when it is made with artificial fertilizers. Growing your own garden is a great way to have food with a fuller flavor and more nutrition.

In America, it doesn’t make sense from a financial standpoint to try to grow your own garden. It takes a lot more time and effort to make a garden work, than it does to pay for the produce you would get. However, I believe gardening is worth it, if you consider the produce you grow is going to have a lot more nutritional value. We only have a limited number of calories that we consume on a daily basis, so why not make every calorie count? Why not give our bodies the nutrition they need to reach their full potential? Why not start today! Learn how to prevent cavities in children and cure tooth decay.

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