12 Natural Antibiotics for a Tooth Infection

May 1, 2013 Tooth Decay

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antibiotics for tooth infectionHaving your tooth become infected, can be extremely painful. There are a lot of natural tooth infection antibiotics you can use to help ease your pain.  If a tooth infection is serious, you should consult immediately with a dentist. If there is no dentist available, or if it is a minor infection, you can often take care of the problem on your own.

For an infection to occur, your tooth enamel has to become weakened and damaged by bacteria in your mouth. Once the bacteria infects your tooth, you will develop a lot of pain and a serious tooth infection.

Natural remedies for tooth infections work in varying degrees depending on the type of bacteria you have in your tooth and the seriousness on the infection. It also depends on how easy it is for you to access the infected area. If it can easily be accessed, then you should be able to get rid of the pain quite quickly. Below are 12 different methods that you can use.

12 Natural Antibiotics for Tooth Infections

  • Miswak sticks – These are a natural cure for toothaches. These are still used throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. The downside is that in order to use these, you’re going to have to order them online, and then wait three days for them to arrive. The upside is that they not only kill the infection, but they also strengthen your enamel and your teeth when you use them.
  • Tea tree oil toothpicks- Tea tree oil is antibacterial. This means you can kill the germs, bacteria, or toxins that are causing your tooth infection to occur. To cure your teeth, simply chew on the toothpick on the area of your mouth that is infected.
  • Garlic- Garlic is a very strong natural antibiotic for tooth infections. In order to get rid of an infection located near the surface of your molars, simply dice garlic in small pieces, and chew it over the infected  area. Another alternative is to use garlic drops. Garlic will instantly kill bacteria and germs. This should give you a lot of  relief from your tooth ache.
  • Black Tea- There are a lot of websites out there that suggest that you place it between your teeth overnight. The theory is that the black tea will slowly leach out of the bag and will kill your tooth infection. Even though it might cure the infection, it probably isn’t that great for your teeth.

tooth infection antibiotics

  • Oil pulling – Oil is a natural way to get rid of pain caused by infections. Oil pulling is especially effective if the infections are found at or below the gum line. Sometimes oil pulling is the only effective way to treat these types of infections. Oil pulling essentially pulls out the bacteria and germs, so that your teeth can heal themselves naturally.
  • Baking Soda – According to a lot of websites, baking soda and salt can also be used to kill infections. Sites like ehow.com suggest that you use a cotton ball soaked with the solution onto your teeth. You should know however, that doesn’t take you get.
  • Colloidal Silver – I’ve seen some videos on YouTube that recommend using colloidal silver. This doesn’t taste very good either. Be careful not to swallow any of this if you’re rinsing your mouth out.
  • Use an Antiseptic Mouth Rinse – Mouth rinses are designed to kill most bacteria and infection in your mouth. Rinsing your mouth out will help to keep infections from becoming much worse.
  • Salt- Using a solution of salt and water can also help children infections. Salt is a natural antiseptic.
  • Vinegar – vinegar is a strong something. You know, you probably want to dilute with water so that it won’t burn.
  • Avoid foods that cause pain- maybe a good idea to avoid candy into the washer. Some sites are cavities or infections can be triggered directly by these things.
  • Xylitol gum – helps in two ways. First it reduces the amount of bad bacteria in your mouth. Second behind it allows your blood and saliva to circulate better through your mouth. It may help a lot if you are trying to get rid of a mild infection. Xylitol also helps to restore your mouth to a neutral pH.

Natural treatments are the best natural antibiotics for a tooth infection.  This is because you don’t need a prescription to use them and they often work quickly to get rid of your dental pain.   If you want to know more about natural antibiotic for tooth infections? See some of our related posts listed below and check them out!



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