Is There a Root Canal Alternative?

February 14, 2013 Tooth Decay

root canal alternative

Is there an alternative to getting a root canal?

Essentially, there are four root canal alternatives.  The first root canal alternative is to getting a quality filling. Sometimes this alone is enough to get rid of tooth pain and infection. The second alternative to canal surgery is getting a crown. Even though this is still an invasive surgery, it doesn’t end up killing the roots in your tooth. Many times, one dentists will recommend root canal and another one will recommenced a crown. It’s a good idea to get a second opinion from another dentist.

After studying a lot about nutrition, I believe there is a lot you can do to reverse cavities and even root canals if you can catch the problem early enough. Most dentists completely ignore the fact that 80% of your tooth is living and able to repair itself.  When you have to get a root canal you are killing your tooth and greatly increasing your chances of losing that tooth in the future.

The most important part about dealing with the root canal, is getting ahead of the infection or toxins that are inside your tooth. A lot of times this is done with natural antibiotics. Once you get rid of the infection, and the pain subsides, you no longer need to have a root canal.

This third alternative to root canal surgery is to have your tooth extracted. This method gets rid of the pain quickly and is relatively cheap. Having a tooth extraction only costs about 15 to 20% of what it would cost you to get a root canal. A root canal is basically your best option if there is no other way for you to save your tooth.

The biggest disadvantage of pulling your tooth is that over time, this can actually make the gum area deteriorate and make it harder to chew. In addition, there are many cosmetic disadvantages also.

The fourth alternative to a root canal is to get rid of the infection naturally and heal your teeth.  The first step to doing this it to get rid

alternative to root canal

of the pain using natural tooth infection antibiotics.  The next step is to give your teeth the proper nutrition they need to heal, while avoiding sugars and sweets.   The book “How to Prevent and Reverse Tooth Decay”  will give you a great start.  The advantage of this method is that is can permanently heal your teeth and prevent tooth decay in the future.

Always Get a Second Opinion

Having healthy teeth is essential to your overall health and well-being. If your dentist recommends a root canal, it is a good idea to get a second opinion. Make sure you have the type of dentist who is truly interested in the well-being of your teeth. Not all root canals are necessary. In fact, probably half of all root canals are unnecessary. You see, some dentists believe that your teeth can heal themselves naturally. Others simply don’t believe this, or refuse to. Once you get a root canal, it destroys the root structure of the tooth, and it is no longer living or able to heal naturally.

What Causes a Root Canal?

Inside your teeth, there is a sensitive area called the pulp. The pulp has thousands of nerve endings, and is responsible for directing the blood flow from your roots to your dentine. When this area of your tooth becomes infected, it hurts a lot. Root canals keep you from having to have your teeth pulled, and can keep infections from spreading into your bloodstream.

How Can I Keep from Ever Having Another Root Canal?

There are a lot of natural preventative methods to keep you from ever getting another root canal. These methods are outlined below:

  • Reduce the amount of acid generating bacteria in your mouth by cutting back on processed sugars and processed foods. If you do eat sugars,  make sure to rinse your mouth out immediately afterwards.
  • You can also use either a cavity-fighting tooth pick or chewing stick. These help to reverse cavities. You can use either a tea tree oil tooth pick or a Miswak stick. These methods also encourages blood flow to your mouth and help you to develop stronger gums and stronger tooth enamel.
  • Eating super foods, or foods high in nutrition, also allows your teeth to heal naturally. Super foods include raw milk, naturally process cod liver oil, and even farm fresh chicken eggs.

    how to prevent cavities naturally

    Never Get Another Cavity

By having the right nutrition, you can have healthy bones and healthy teeth. You can cure and reverse cavities so that they never develop into a root canal. If you would like to learn more about five amazing methods of preventing cavities and tooth decay, they are presented in the book, “Never Get Another Cavity”. Preventing cavities and infection from destroying your teeth is the best possible alternative to root canal surgery. Using the five methods presented in this book are the best way to make sure you get a lifetime guarantee on your teeth!

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