Instant Home Remedies for Bad Toothache Pain

September 23, 2012 Toothache Remedies

If you’re looking for an instant home remedy for bad toothache pain, your teeth and gums probably hurt a whole lot. If your dentist is on vacation, or it is the weekend, you are out of luck. You can go to the store and get a kit to temporarily relieve the pain, but generally, the kits don’t work that much better than home remedies that you can do yourself.

home remedy for toothache painThe first home remedy for tooth decay and toothache pain is to either chew on a clove of garlic, or use clove oil. Apply it directly to the area of your tooth that is in a lot of pain. You want to kill the bad bacteria that is inside of the cavity in your tooth. By doing this, you can often get rid of the infection.

If the infection is near your gum line, you may want to try pulling with oil or with colloidal silver. By using either one of these methods, the antibacterial properties will help to kill the bacteria. Once the bacteria are gone, the pain will also dissipate.

Good Suggestions If You Have a Toothache

home remedies for toothache painWhen you have bad toothache pain, you want to avoid hot and cold. You also want to avoid sugars. Sugars can cause your teeth to become even more infected and can inflict a lot of pain.

In order for your tooth to heal and not to develop an abscess, it is important for you to have good blood flow through your tooth. Chewing on some sugar-free gum or gum containing Xylitol might be a good way to both increase blood flow to your tooth, and also increase saliva. Blood flow and saliva help you to remineralize your teeth so that they won’t be as sensitive to sugars, or hot and cold sensations.

Natural Home Remedies for Bad Toothache Pain

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An even better natural method that you can use is a chewing stick. More than likely you won’t have this at your home, but you can easily get one within two or three days. Chewing on a Miswak stick will help to alleviate the pain. It increases both saliva flow so that your teeth can remineralize externally, and also increases blood flow to the tooth. Over time, this can get rid of infections and stop your pain. Using a chewing stick can also help your teeth to fully remineralize. Once they are fully remineralized, they will be resistant to cavities and tooth decay in the future.

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