How to Reverse Cavities Naturally with Miswak

April 24, 2013 MiswakTooth Decay

how to reverse cavitiesIs it possible to reverse cavities naturally? Yes, it is definitely possible to stop and reverse cavities. The first step to reversing a cavity is to kill the infection inside of the tooth. Then,  you want to rebuild your enamel. If you can develop strong and healthy enamel, it may be possible for you to never get another cavity!

If you talk to your local dentists, they may not think this is possible. But it has been proven over and over again that you can reverse cavities. Learning how to reverse cavities is important if you want to have strong healthy teeth that will last a lifetime.

What is the first step? The first step is to realize that if you have bad teeth, they didn’t get that way overnight. It is going to take some time and effort to heal your teeth. You may need to change your eating and not eat as much sugar. Sugar and corn syrup, are the number one way in which our teeth become  destroyed. As we eat these, they are converted into an acid which demineralizes or weakens our tooth enamel.

How to Kill a Cavity Infection

In my opinion, the best way of  killing cavity infection is to use Miswak. Miswak is an organic tooth brush. Actually it isn’t a tooth brush but a stick that you can how to cure cavitieschew on. This stick can help you to cure toothache by getting rid of the infection. Most of the time, you can kill small infection in as little as three days. The cavity will go from having a black color, to having a silver color. Once you’re able to get rid of the discoloration, then the bacteria in action is gone, and you can start to remineralize your teeth.

Miswak is an awesome tool to help fight tooth decay and gum disease. It is effective against cavities, because it contains natural antibacterial properties. It is great for cleaning your teeth. It kills cavity causing bacteria in your mouth so it also prevents future cavities. As you chew on it, it strengthens your teeth, your gums, and your roots. Even just a few days, you should start to notice how much stronger and more solid your teeth become.

How to Reverse a Cavity with Re-Mineralization

Brushing your teeth doesn’t help much because most toothpaste contains glycerin. Glycerin coats our teeth to prevent them from re-mineralizing. We can re-mineralize them when we eat healthy foods. Foods that contain a lot of minerals needed for bone building, are essential for healthy teeth. The most important foods, are those that contain a high amount of fat soluble vitamins and minerals. You can find these in grass fed chickens and duck eggs. You can make bone broth that contains calcium and phosphate ions that will help you to make your teeth stronger.

Try to avoid pre-packaged foods. Most of the time, these foods do not have much nutritional value. They can only provide you with empty calories. In addition, these foods are also highly processed. They contain a lot of sugars that also damage your teeth. Since your teeth are in a state of dynamic equilibrium, removing acids from your diet, are just as important as remineralizing your teeth.

When I started learning about natural prevention and how to reverse cavities, I had three very painful cavities my own. I know that natural healing works! I was able to get rid of 3 cavities on my own, without going to a dentist. My mouth is now free from pain. I know that natural healing works. I know that in the future, I can prevent cavities and avoid going to the dentist. Hopefully, you will find an approach to natural prevention that also works for your teeth. If you can, try to find a dentist who advocates natural prevention and will encourage you to develop healthy teeth that will last a lifetime.

For a complete guide on how to reverse cavities and cure tooth decay, please be sure to read our book, Never Get Another Cavity.


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