How to Fix Acid Erosion on Teeth

August 28, 2012 Tooth Decay

Acid erosion is also referred to as dental erosion. If you’re wondering how to fix acid erosion on teeth, the first thing you need to do is change your eating habits.

How Is Acid Erosion Created?

how to stop acid erosionMost of the time, acid erosion is a byproduct of your diet. If you drink a lot of acidic drinks or eat acidic foods, you may be at risk. Additionally, sugars are probably the number one reason why acid erosion takes place.

I recently did an experiment in my home with sugars and pH testers. I decided to test my pH before and immediately after I ingested sugar. Initially, my saliva had a pH of 7.5. This is fairly alkali. Within 1 minute. of each a sugary snack, my pH dropped to 5.9. According to most experts, acid erosion takes place when the pH in our mouth is below 5.9.

The first step to acid erosion is demineralization. When your mouth is acidic, calcium and phosphate ions are leached out of your enamel structure. But when your enamel is fully mineralized, it is the strongest tissue in your body. As it becomes demineralized, it loses its structural integrity. Eventually, if enough minerals are lost, the structure begins to collapse. This is how acid erosion takes place.

How to Fix Acid Erosion

If you want to fix acid erosion, you need to pay attention to the acidity of your mouth. Try to cut back on sugar, because sugar is always going to produce acids that erode your teeth. More importantly, try to limit the amount of time that these acids spend on your teeth. One way to do this is by brushing and removing plaque buildup. Plaque has a tendency to attract more acids to the surface of your tooth and erode them faster.

Another way to prevent acid erosion is to not allow your mouth to be acidic for long periods of time. Make sure that after you eat anything that turns into an acid, that you rinse your mouth out.

Xylitol GumXylitol gum is a great way to combat mouth acidity. When you take it, it immediately neutralizes the pH in your mouth. It makes it harder for acid to erode your teeth. I had a really good experiment with Xylitol after sugary snacks or meals. I tested my mouth pH after ingesting Xylitol, and the result revealed a neutralized pH! If you can control the acidity in your mouth, then you can keep your teeth from demineralizing, and you can also prevent cavities from forming.

Very often, people get lots and lots of cavities because they have an acidic mouth. But there are also people who have never gone to a dentist, and yet these people have white, healthy teeth! You can reverse the effects of an acidic mouth when you use Xylitol on a regular basis, and when you cut back on the amount of sugar you eat.

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