How Does Candy and Sugar Cause Cavities?

September 21, 2012 Tooth Decay

does sugar cause cavitiesMany people already believe candy causes tooth decay, but how does it occur? How does sugar cause cavities? Why is consuming candy and sugar on a regular basis bad for your teeth?

There are three reasons why candy and sugar are bad for you. The first reason is that it causes acid erosion to take place. When you eat sugar, the bacteria in your mouth instantly starts metabolizing it by converting it into an acid. When you have acid in your mouth, they can stick to your teeth and cause them to demineralize and become weak. Once your teeth become completely demineralized, cavities form very easily, and the tooth structure becomes very soft. Some of the worst kinds of sugary foods to consume on a regular basis include hard candy, dried fruit leather, and carbonated beverages. These are bad for you because they typically stay in your mouth for a long time, and they continually erode your teeth in a layer of acid. After you consume sugars, you may have a very acidic mouth for up to 30 minutes. If you have plaque on your teeth already, it can amplify the effects of the acids by holding them in place up against your teeth.

The second reason why candy is bad for you is because when you eat too much sugar, it causes a hormonal imbalance in your blood. This hormonal imbalance can actually pull calcium and phosphorus ions out of your bones and out of your teeth. This can weaken them internally, and also cause cavities to develop much more easily. Eating too much sugar is really bad for your health. As your body tries to compensate for the effects of eating too much sugar, it weakens your teeth quite significantly.

sugar cavitiesThe third reason why sugar is bad is because it doesn’t contain any nutritional value. Every time you eat something that contains sugar, this means you are going to eat less of something that is actually good for you. For instance, eating sugar-coated cereal for breakfast in the morning may make you not hungry for a glass of orange juice or whole milk, which  are actually better for you.  Sugar is a cheap substitute for other food items that are so much healthier for you. This of course, does not say that sugar is useless. Sugar is pretty important. Our body needs sugar which supplies us with energy for metabolic activity. But lots of it will no longer be beneficial, and will often lead to tooth decay and major health problems.

Sugar Causes Acid Erosion and Cavities

Over time, sugar can cause acid erosion to take place. Eating sugar regularly can actually lower the overall pH of your mouth. While this does make it easier for you to metabolize and digest sugars, it also demineralizes your teeth. If you want to fix your teeth, the first thing you need to do is to cut back drastically on the amount of processed sugar that you eat. Sugar causes cavities and makes your teeth hurt.  A lot of times, cutting back on sugars will instantly get rid of the pain, and help your teeth to start to heal themselves.

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