Overcome Your Fear of Dentists By Curing Cavities!

September 21, 2012 Miswak

I hate the dentistIf you have ever thought, “I hate the dentist”, you are not alone.  Nearly 75% of people admit they have a mild to severe fear of dentists. Many people doubt going to the dentist does them any good.  Every time I used to go, I left in more pain then I came in with.

The good news is that you can learn how to overcome your fear of the dentist by getting rid of your toothaches and reversing tooth decay naturally.  When you understand how your teeth actually work, you can fix them without having to see a dentist!

 A lot of dentists don’t believe cavities can be healed. These are dentists you should avoid. Drilling out a tooth will get rid of infection, but it destroys your tooth. Cavities are a hundred percent preventable and most of them can be cured without a dentist!

One method to prevent cavities is to have the right nutrition.

With nutrition, you want to avoid eating sugars that can turn into acids and erode your enamel. If you have a cavity that hurts, you want to stop eating sugar right away. A lot of times, this is enough to get rid of the pain.

You want to make sure your body gets the right nutrition it needs to build bones that are strong and healthy. The main component of bones and healthy teeth are calcium and phosphorus. One healthy source of calcium is milk.  Another important source of calcium and phosphorus is broth made by boiling bones for about 24 hours.

Once you can stop your cavities from getting worse, or give your body the tools that it needs, your cavities can start to heal themselves.

Fear of dentistThere are some other tools you can use a lot with proper nutrition to heal cavities and overcome your fear of the dentist.

One – Xylitol is an excellent tool that helps to make the pH your saliva more alkaline. It stops acidity dead in its tracks. The xylitol chewing gum is a good tool to reverse tooth decay.

Two – Miswak is another great tool that contains antibacterial properties. Using miswak will ease your fear of dentist because you won’t be seeing them.  It works better than a toothbrush at removing plaque buildup and killing bacteria that cause cavities. Additionally, it also has calcium which helps you to remineralize your teeth.

By using proper nutrition, and the two tools outlined in this article, you can overcome your fear going to the dentist. Going to the dentist can be a lot more fun if you can get rid of your cavities. Most importantly, you want to build strong enamel. Strong enamel is resistant to cavities and decay. The best way to build strong enamel is to remineralize them so that they can stay strong and resistant to acids.

If you use natural methods to cure tooth decay,  found in this book (How to Prevent Cavities), you can keep cavities from getting worse, and you can overcome your fear of going to the dentist and having to get more and more dental surgery.  Thanks to natural healing, I no longer fear the dentist!

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