How Can Breakfast Cereals Lead to Cavities?

September 21, 2012 Children and Infants

cereals cause cavitiesMany people don’t think that what they eat for breakfast is a big deal. People have grown up eating breakfast cereals every morning. But did you know that breakfast cereals can cause cavities? Breakfast cereals are often high in sugar and processed ingredients. As a result, these sugars can cause cavities to develop very quickly. As soon as you take sugar into your mouth, the bacteria in your mouth starts to metabolize it and convert it into an acid. The longer an acid is on your teeth, the easier time it will have creating a cavity that can become infected by bacteria.

Surprisingly, even some of the cereals that are supposedly good for you, still contain a lot of sugar. It is no wonder that kids who regularly eat breakfast cereals have ADHD, and a higher propensity for developing cavities.

It is rather unfortunate that dentists won’t tell you more about how destructive breakfast cereals are. The manufacturers of the cereals try to stress how healthy they are for your body. Don’t believe a word of it! You could eat oat meal, rice, eggs, toast, or just about anything else for breakfast, and it would still be more healthy for you than eating breakfast cereal. People who eat breakfast cereals on a regular basis aren’t upgrading their life. Maybe they eat the cereal so that they can save time. However, they may have to spend more time later, taking their kids to the dentist after kids complain about a painful toothache.

Cereal Can Lead to Nutritional Deficiencies

can cereals cause cavitiesYou can eat whatever you want, but it often comes with a hefty price tag. Throughout the day, we only consume about 2,000 to 2,500 cal. Children consume fewer calories than that. The problem with eating something that isn’t very good for you, is that it makes it harder for your body to find the nutrition that it is searching for. People who eat nutrient rich foods are seldom fat. A lot of times people become fat because they keep eating when they feel nutritionally malnourished. Since you only have a limited amount of calories per day that you can consume, why not make sure they are the highest quality foods possible? Try to replace processed foods with foods that are going to provide you with nutritional value. The more natural and unprocessed food is, the better it will be for you nutritionally.

Weston Price, an early 19th century scientist, discovered that a modern diet is one of the primary causes of tooth loss and tooth decay. By consuming a more traditional diet, the type of diet that our grandparents and great grandparents consumed, we can actually prevent cavities.

Update: Last week was birthday week and my house.  We had 3 birthday cakes with ice cream.  The effect of sugar on kids is remarkable.  I five five kids.  Two of them are now sick and on is complaining that her teeth hurt.  I am amazed at how quickly your dental health and overall health are affect by sugar.  More over, if a kid that weight 60 pounds eats a large bowl of sugar cereal it is the equivalent of a 180 pound person eating half of a box!  If I eat that much, I get a headache.  I can imagine the effects on on children are even worse.  If your child has a had time concentrating in class, it may have a lot to do with what they are eating for breakfast!

If you can just make one small change, and have a healthy breakfast every day rather than eating a sugary breakfast cereal, you can do a great deal to improve your health. When you remove cereal from your diet and replace it with real foods,  you’ll be surprised at how much more vitamins and nutrients you get into your body.

Avoiding cereal is a great start to stop your cavities from growing. Giving your body the nutrition it needs, will help you never have to get another cavity again. For more information on how to prevent tooth decay and never get another cavity again, feel free to visit our site homepage!

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