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September 25, 2012 Toothache Remedies

home remedy for tooth decaySurprisingly, home remedies for tooth decay work a lot better for some people than going to the dentist. I was tired of going to the dentist and see my dental problems only get worse. It seemed like the more I brushed and flossed my teeth, the more cavities I got. I thought that my situation was unique, but I know a lot of people who have had the same challenges.

What made things worse, was that my one-year-old son started to get tooth decay. He lost one tooth, and three others started to get chipped and brittle. We found out, that he had a case of fluorosis. This was probably caused by fluoridated water and toothpaste!

If the dental community really knew what they are talking about, they wouldn’t mandate fluoride water treatments that hurt small children. It was because of my son, that I started thinking outside the box of conventional dentistry, and I started finding solutions that actually worked!

Tooth Decay Home Remedies

1. If you want to get rid of pain right away, try placing a clove of garlic over the infected area of your tooth, or using clove oil. Another option is to use oregano oil.  Both garlic and oregano oil contain strong antibiotic properties that kill bacteria. The pain caused by most tooth infections, is a result of bacteria infecting your tooth. If you can get rid of the bad bacteria, you can get rid of the pain, and you can start to heal your teeth right away.

2. Another method that I have had success with is Xylitol. My wife and I gave Xylitol Gum for our kids, and it works in reducing teeth acidity. Xylitol has been proven to reduce cavities, by up to 90%. If you are going to eat sugar, eat a little bit of Xylitol gum right afterwards. It will immediately stop the acidity from destroying your teeth. (Sugar is converted to acids almost instantly by the bacteria in your mouth, and these acids destroy your teeth for up to one half hour every time you eat sugar and sweets. )

tooth decay home remedies3. Miswak sticks – A Miswak stick is a good natural source of calcium. In addition, it also has antibacterial properties that can kill cavities. Chewing on Miswak for 15 or 20 minutes a day go long way towards strengthening your teeth and gums. It can clean your teeth and whiten them as well. People who chew on Miswak sticks regularly have the equivalent of “bodybuilder teeth”. Strong and healthy teeth are almost immune cavities.

When we started preventative dentistry, my daughter had four or five cavities. I told her I would pay her five dollars for every cavity that she got rid of by chewing on one of the sticks. It was a miracle, but in just a matter of a few days, she was able to get rid of three of her cavities. These cavities were able to remineralize and heal themselves. Every once in a while, I read articles online about a dentists telling you that it is impossible to heal your teeth. I can tell you from personal experience that tooth decay home remedies really work.

What I love most about these remedies, is that I don’t feel obligated to go to the dentist just because my teeth hurt. I have options. I know that I can and will get rid of the toothache on my own. The part that is super exciting, is that my children will never have to go to the dentist!

For more information on how to prevent cavities and home remedies for tooth decay, please visit our homepage, http://preventingcavities.com.

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