Healing Teeth Naturally

August 30, 2012 Tooth Decay

healing teeth naturallyHealing teeth naturally is a lot of fun! Before I was able to heal my teeth naturally, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. My skepticism was rooted in the fact that I didn’t believe in holistic healing. I thought that most holistic remedies were weak, and therefore ineffective against stopping tooth problems and being able to heal my teeth.

About three years ago, my son started to experience tooth decay. Before he was one, he lost one of his teeth, and he had three others that were starting to decay. My wife and I had put our trust in the dental community, but then we started to have our doubts. Part of my son’s problem was that he was exposed to fluoride in the water. He had developed severe fluorosis. It really bothered me, because fluoride treatment and fluoridated water are heavily endorsed by the ADA, and yet they were only making things worse.

My wife and I started to research a lot more about different methods of how to heal teeth naturally. My wife asked me what I thought would work, and I said, “Well, I grew up in West Africa, and a lot of people over there have really nice teeth even though they don’t have any dentists.” I told my wife that my maiden gardener in Africa used to chew on a stick. We went online and miraculously, we found some of these chewing sticks for sale. (These sticks are called a Miswak stick.)

Well, I was excited when I got my first order. I tried them out, and even though I didn’t like the flavor much at first, it worked very well. I had three areas in my teeth that had cavities. Every time I ate sugar, the cavities would flare up and produce some serious pain. Within about two months of using Miswak, I had three cavities that were completely healed!

how to heal teeth naturallyAnother thing that helped me out a lot when healing teeth naturally, was to cut out sugars and processed sweets from my diet. Because I had three pretty bad cavities, I wasn’t eating a whole lot of sugar anyway. Once you stop eating sweet stuffs for two or three weeks, the craving for sugar goes away. I still eat sugar on my pancakes, and I love eating dessert, but when I eat sugar, I make sure that the acids generated by the sugar do not stay on my teeth for a long time. If I drink milk, or rinse out my mouth after eating something sweet, it helps to get rid of the acidity, which can demineralize and weaken my teeth.

Another important element of healing teeth naturally, is to make sure you have the right nutrition. Nutrition gives your body the building blocks it needs to rebuild bone and heal cavities. A lot of dental professionals will tell you that you can’t heal cavities, but these guys are a hundred percent wrong. If it is a deep cavity, it is probably easier to heal it by going to the dentist. Small cavities can heal themselves very quickly.

Essentially there are two parts to healing cavities. The first part is getting rid of the infection. The second is allowing your teeth to  remineralize to the point where they will be strengthened against future cavity attacks. Since the outer part of your tooth enamel is partially inorganic, it doesn’t really regrow itself, but the part the cavity is attacking, frequently can and will repair itself if you can remove the infection, and give your body the nutrition that it needs.

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