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Loosing Your Teeth Can Cause Memory Loss

August 7, 2012 Tooth Decay

Are you serious? Can tooth loss really cause us to lose our memories? If a dentist yanks out one of my teeth, does it mean I'm going to lose some of the precious recollections stored in my brain? What if I lose all of my teeth? Does that mean I wouldn't be able to recall my past? Not even my own name?

Maybe I was a wee bit exaggerating there. But really? Is there a connection between tooth loss and memory loss? Swedish and Norwegian studies seem to indicate so. These studies, as published by  the European Journal of Oral Sciences, revealed that the "number of natural teeth was positively associated with performance on episodic memory, recall as well as cognition" . This means that the number of teeth we have can actually affect our ability to recall past events. This must be why

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