Can Nutrition Help Get Rid of My Cavities?

February 6, 2013 Tooth Decay

how to prevent cavities in childrenHaving the right nutrition in our lives can often be difficult. Even people who do not struggle with weight loss often struggle with eating healthy foods. It is a lot easier to go out and buy pizza or go to McDonald’s when you’re hungry, than it is to have a homemade meal. Most of the time, people just do not have the time to eat healthy. There are people who believe that fast food has somehow been engineered to be healthy for them. The truth is, you have to take the time to think about your nutrition. Fast food is so commercialized, that all the nutritional value has been stripped out of it. A lot of the problems that we have with our teeth today, are due to poor nutrition.

The Truth About Cereals

One example is cold breakfast cereals. Even though our government regulates cigarette advertising to not target young children, they do nothing to monitor the advertising bids of cereal manufacturers. These manufacturers can often get away with lying to both children and their parents. Did you know that Frosted Flakes is good for you because it is fortified with 10 essential vitamins and minerals? Honey Smacks has more sugar per serving than Chips Ahoy cookies. Who’s kidding who? Boy, you almost believe it when you read it on the back of the cereal box. Just because it’s in print doesn’t mean it’s true. As a matter fact, when we eat cereal, we’re often substituting what could be a healthy breakfast, for empty carbohydrates that are practically void of natural nutritional value. The truth is, cereals cause cavities. It is no wonder that kids in our country are among the fastest-growing sector of people with dental problems.

nutrition can help get rid of cavitiesIf you want to have strong and healthy bones and teeth, proper nutrition is the only way to do it. Vitamins A and D found in milk and a lot of natural vitamin-soluble fats give us a steady stream of the nutrients we need for strong teeth. In addition, our teeth are made up of eight calcium and phosphorus structures. Large amounts of natural calcium, and a small amount of natural phosphorus, will help to keep our teeth clean and strong. Milk, cheese, nuts, broccoli, dairy products (especially raw dairy) are very good source of natural calcium. Phosphorus is contained in seafood, and in chicken and turkey. Raw farm fresh eggs are an excellent source of phosphorus. It also has a high amount of vitamins A and D which allow calcium and phosphorus in your blood, to strengthen your tooth enamel.

People who get the right nutrition, don’t get many cavities. People who lack nutrition, have multiple cavities and often wrapped into decay. Even after you have gotten cavities and experience tooth decay, there is still hope. You can reverse tooth decay, by making sure your body gets the nutrition it needs.

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