About the Author


My kids were my motivation to study and learn as much about how to prevent cavities and tooth decay naturally. This is a picture of my son and oldest daughter.  Together they inspired me to learn as much as possible about the causes of tooth decay.  My son has been able to stop rampant tooth decay.  My daughter has been able to heal 3 cavities and start reversing what would have been a root canal.

I will readily admit I don’t have perfect enough teeth to be a ‘Colgate model’ and probably never will, but I am still excited about all the positive changes I have made with my teeth over the last two years! Today I am cavity-free, and I plan on staying that way for the rest of my life!

Before I found out how to prevent cavities naturally, I saw myself the same way most people see themselves. I thought cavities and tooth decay were unpreventable and I was a victim of an incurable disease. I also thought it was necessary to go to the dentist regularly to keep all of my existing problem from getting worse. On my own, I didn’t think there was anything I could do to fix the problems with my teeth.

I saw my parents, especially my mother, suffer a lot from tooth problems. She has gotten numerous root canals and implants, but her teeth have only gotten worse.  The dentists only provided temporary relief, they could do nothing to reverse or cure her tooth decay. I started to wonder, was there a better way to stop these problems and cure teeth naturally?

What really motivated me to question tradition methods of prevention was my son.  When his teeth first started to come in, they started deteriorating right away.  I sought the help and advice from dentists but none of them could give my a clear answer on why this was happening and what to do about it.  My son lost one tooth completely and 3 of his other teeth were starting to crumble.  I turned to natural dental care and for the first time I started to find answers that really worked!  My son’s tooth decay has stopped completely and we have now reversed a lot of the damage done to his teeth.

I researched and tried a lot of cavity prevention techniques. Some worked and some didn’t. Some of the methods I read about were ridiculous and some were poisonous. (I never tried the poisonous ones!)  However, a few of the natural methods really worked! When I started to use them, I got rid of my toothaches and made my teeth get stronger.

Additionally, my daughter was getting old enough to develop teeth problems on her own. She had four cavities and one of them was large enough that it covered her entire tooth. I helped my daughter apply the methods in this book, and her cavities have since stopped hurting and healed themselves naturally.  If you can help your children learn how to care for their teeth, they may never even develop a cavity.

Never Get Another CavityMy favorite subject in college was studying biological anatomy. I am very interested in how the body works. In writing the book, How to Cure and Prevent Cavities Naturally, I was able to use the research of many distinguished scholars, as well as my research to prove these method actually work.

It is fantastic to know I don’t have to be a victim. Now I know cavities and tooth decay are 100% preventable. It makes all the difference to me for my dental health.

As an author, I have written and published health related, self-help, and natural healing articles on 1000’s of websites. I hope you will enjoy reading How to Prevent and Cure Cavities Naturally, and that it can help you change your life.