4 Natural Cures For Cavities

August 29, 2012 Tooth Decay

There are several natural cures of cavities. Unfortunately, most dentists won’t tell you about these cures. If every one knew how to cure cavities, dentists would be looking for a new job. The fact that you can cure cavities naturally is amazing.

One – Using Garlic Clove Oil

natural cures for cavitiesGarlic clove oil has strong antibacterial properties. Most of the time when you get a cavity, it becomes inhabited by plaque. As these bacteria grow, they create acid which makes a cavity bigger. If the cavity gets big enough, bacteria can also enter into your bloodstream. Once this happens, you start to feel a lot of pain, and you also get a tooth infection.

Clove oil is used to provide temporary relief for your cavity. What you want to do is simply apply a little bit of oil to your cavity. The advantages of using this method are that it is quick, and it generally gets rid of the pain. The disadvantages are that it can burn the sides of your mouth and your tongue if you’re not careful. Another disadvantage is that it only provides you with temporary relief. Once the bacteria start to come back, your cavity will be hurting again.

Two – Use a Miswak Stick

cure for cavitiesA Miswak stick also has strong antibiotic properties and a great cure for cavities. It doesn’t taste nearly as bad as a clove oil or garlic. By chewing on it for 15 to 20 minutes, you can often get rid of the infection inside of the cavity. The advantage to this method is that once you get rid of the bacterial infection, your tooth can start to heal itself naturally. The disadvantage is that if you already have a bad cavity, it may be painful to chew on the Miswak stick. And it may take awhile for you to get relief from your pain. Miswak sticks work best for treating smaller cavities.

Three – Cure Cavities Naturally with Nutrition

natural cures for cavitiesNutrition plays a vital role in the health of your enamel and your teeth. People who are malnourished, tend to develop a lot more problems with cavities. Even people who eat a lot of food are often malnourished. In order to avoid malnutrition, try eating high-quality foods. Avoid foods that have been overly processed. Avoid refined sugars and corn syrup as much as possible. Make sure that your caloric intake has a high value of vitamins, minerals, and natural sources of high quality fats. By maintaining a healthy diet, and having a natural supply of vitamins A and D, you can help your teeth to remineralize themselves and become strong.

Four – Cure Cavities with Oil Pulling

natural cure for cavitiesOne of the last natural cures for cavities that you can try is oil pulling. A lot of people rave about the benefits of oil pulling and how it can help. When you pull with raw oils, like coconut oil or unprocessed sunflower seed oil, it contains mild antibiotic properties. This can help to ease the pain of cavities, and may even help to remineralize your teeth. If you have pain, try pulling with oil mixed with a few drops of oregano oil or lavender. This will give you a little bit stronger antibiotics that will kill cavities that are causing you pain.

If you are searching for the best natural cures for cavities, make sure that you visit our website. We talked about a lot of different natural cures that can help heal your teeth permanently. Our goal is to make it so that you can live life and never get another cavity again!

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