How to Prevent Cavities and Cure Tooth Decay Naturally


   My kids were my motivation to study, learn, and eventually write, Prevent and Cure Cavities  Naturally. Out of my six kids, the two in this picture struggled the most with cavities and tooth decay.  (Isn’t it obvious)  My wife and I also struggled quite a bit before we learned how we could stop, prevent and even cure tooth decay.

Before I started researching, I never new natural methods of preventing cavities actually existed.   I learned that I could take charge of my dental health  by focusing on 4 methods of natural healing and addressing the primary causes of tooth decay.

My son had rampant tooth decay caused by fluoride and he was able to stop and reverse it.  My daughter has been able to heal 3 cavities and start reversing what would have been a very painful root canal.  These are natural methods that are used by millions of people world wide but they are not even talked about in our western culture.

 My ebook gives you a checklist and easy-to-follow step by step instructions to help you prevent and cure many cavities naturally.

  •   For most of us, brushing and flossing  it isn’t enough to stop tooth degeneration.  That is why over 95% of Americans experience dental problems and almost 1/4 of those over 65 have lost all there teeth.  It doesn’t have to be that way!
  • Nearly 2% of the population never gets cavities or experiences decay. It isn’t genetics.  They don’t get cavities, because they are already using one or more of the four natural methods to stop tooth decay.

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This Book is about

  • How to Save $1000s of Dollars and Live Life With Less Dental Pain

  • A 6000 Year-Old Cavity Prevention Method Still Used by More than a Billion People Today

  • A Special Sugar that Helps you Fight Cavities Naturally

  • 4 Natural Methods to Strengthen Teeth and Fight Cavities Naturally.

  • An Ancient Roman Method to Whiten Teeth

Cavities and tooth decay are not a fact of life! Curing and preventing cavities naturally will save you from  unnecessary pain and suffering. Learning how to build healthy teeth and strong enamel, will give you great teeth to last a lifetime!Prevent.Cure.Cavities.Naturally.Cover

“I have used the natural prevention methods presented in this book and they have helped me keep my teeth healthy and have also kept me from getting sick. I now use them everyday and I also recommended them to others!”     – Charity L.

A lot of people think cavities, tooth decay and gum disease are unavoidable. You don’t have to get them! You can build strong and healthy teeth that are virtually immune to cavities! Using the 5 methods presented in our book, makes this possible!

“Your natural methods work really well for cleaning teeth, and I feel like I get a professional dental cleaning every time I use them!”
– Shasta R.


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Have Bad Teeth? It’s Not Your Fault…

How to prevent cavities
I used think there was nothing I could to save my teeth other then going to the dentist.  The more often I brushed and flossed the more I got cavities. I felt like I had no control.

After finding the right answers, I healed all of my cavities naturally, fixed my gum problems and my yellow teeth.  I didn’t do it by brushing and flossing my teeth!

The methods carefully presented in our book are 100% natural, and they work because they treat the primary cause of tooth decay and stop it dead in its tracks. Preventative Dentistry also introduces a proven system for helping to rebuild your teeth enamel naturally, for stronger and healthier teeth!


What is NOT a Direct Cause Cavities

People don’t get cavities because of genetics. (I used to think this!)

People don’t loose teeth just because they are getting older.

People don’t get cavities from not going to the dentist. (Yep, I believed this one too.)

The Direct Cause of Cavities

The most important issue in dental health is your diet.  If you believe you can eat as much sugar and processed flours as you want and avoid cavities by brushing and flossing your teeth, you’re bringing a knife to a gun fight!  Sugars are converted into acids which weaken your enamel.  Processed foods are easily converted into plaque and bacteria that coat your teeth and prolong the effect of these acids.   Your diet decides whether you have an acidic mouth (cavity-loving) or an alkaline mouth (cavity-fighting).  Just as important, your diet ensures you get the right kind of nutrition to help build strong teeth and healthy bones.  My book contains guidelines on proper nutrition as well as 3 other natural tools to fight tooth decay.  Learning about nutrition and these natural tools can help you prevent cavities and cure tooth decay.

If you want to stop a toothache, the best way to do it is by not eating any sugar, (or manufactured products containing large amounts of sugar and corn syrup.)   Most prepared foods contain lots of sugar.   Even if it says ‘healthy’ on the label, it probably isn’t.  If you want to stop toothaches instantly, here are some home remedies for a toothache you can try.

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Your Teeth Are Made up of Living Tissue!

     The core problem with dentists is they don’t treat your teeth as living tissue.    If your teeth were composed of dead bone, then the work the dentists do preserve it would be invaluable. Curing an infection by amputation makes more sense in dead bone.  (If your teeth were dead you would not feel any pain! This is your body’s natural response telling you you need to change.)  The fact is your teeth are are 80% living.  The dentin is alive.  The pulp is alive, the roots are alive.  Because they are alive, they can heal naturally in many instances.

If you developed an infection, like a wart on your finger, would you even think about having your finger amputated?  Yet a lot of see a filling as the only possible way to ‘fix’ a cavity.

    Short term gain, long term loss.  Your dentist can only temporarily ‘fix’ your teeth. They use antibiotics and then they cut out the portion of your tooth that is feeling the pain.   Every time they “repair” a tooth, they are literally destroying it.  They are replacing living tissue with inorganic metal, porcelain, or mercury filling.

    My wife had a dentist tell her the only way to take care of a small cavity is to drill it out and replace it will a filling right away.  (By the way, this is a lie!)  This dentist told her dental health could only got worse.   The dentist gave her a very deep filling which caused her tooth to crack and die.  If she would have known how to cure cavities, she would have done it naturally and not have lost her tooth.

Because your teeth are alive, they need to be treated with respect. The hardness of your enamel fluctuates and so does the size of your cavities.  Just as there are specific things you can do to ruin your teeth, there’s a lot more you can do to improve it.

   This site talks a lot about how to prevent cavities and how to cure tooth decay. Our book goes into far more detail and relies on 100 pages and more then 200 different references to show you how to improve your dental health.  :)

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